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    I have a problem that one of my good friend is ignoring me, I think he is not talking with me because he likes me and I like his best friend and him. Now what should I do. Should I say him that I also like u or I should say his friend that I don’t like him. Tell me what should I do??

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    Hi! Im not sure how this site really works, but if this actually posts this is what I wrote… Its ok to like two people sometimes we are not sure. If he is your good friend maybe you could try talking to hime and see what happens. You could also try talking to his friend.

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    I think you should choose one person because if you go out with both, they are going to get confused. the best thing is to take time and think about it.

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    Thank you all for your opinion but they are still not talking with me but one of them are still liking my post on instagram (now what does that mean he wants to talk with me or not). Please help me guys??

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