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    Two years ago I was going through a dark period of time. I had an eating disorder. Before having bulimia I didn’t care about food and calories until my “friend” told me I should start a diet because I was fat. I started to eat salad everyday and I tracked my calories every meal until I slowly stoped eating and even throwing up. After 4 months people started to asking me why I was loosing so much weight.
    When I went to the doctor and realized I was only at 32 kg I understood that I needed to eat. I have been gaining weight since then and though all of that was behind.
    One month ago I found out my boyfriend was lying to me and I feel I wasn’t good enough, strong enough, smart enough. Im at 42 kg right know and I feel fat I started to track my calories again, even if doctors keep telling me I should gain even more weight and im real scared because I don’t want to go back to that. Tracking everything it’s not living.

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    Any boy that makes you feel bad is trash and not worth your time.
    You most certainly are good enough!
    Do what is right for you, not for the people who don’t truly care about you.
    Eating disorders are hard to recover from for sure, and sometimes you can’t do it all on your own. So be sure seek support from caring people close to you when needed.

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