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    From the way I look, to my capacities I just feel very inferior. Ever since I was small I hated my face and my body shape and had a pretty severe eating disorder 2 years ago or so, although I have ‘recovered’ I still have troubles with my body, I am very insecure about my face and as for my body, I try to come to appreciate my curves but it still really bothers me. And since I have other problems regarding mental health I find it hard to lose more weight. I totally understand that some people may find this laughable but it sincerely is hard to feel uncomfortable in your own skin. I’ve always been person that gets asked by guys for my friends and if they’re single or not. And honestly just looking at myself in the mirror makes me ashamed.

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    look. any body is BEAUTIFUL. the world is so trash that so many people don’t see that! please, go look in the mirror and say that you are beautiful. because you are! you should appreciate what you have! curves are amazing! you shouldn’t be ashamed by them! I have so many friends that are curvy and all of them are happy! you just have to understand that you will find the right person that loves you for who you are. and if you aren’t being asked out yet, be happy, bc you don’t want to get heartbroken or cheated on. or even get rapped, bc that happens!!

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    Everyone is beautiful and so are YOU!!! Appreciate how you look, if you are confident others will pick up on that. As for the guys who ask if ur friends are single, don’t stress because someone is going to ask You if you are single, and this person might be the perfect person for you, not just a person who is looking to date for a week or two. Beauty also comes in different ways, for example, inner and outer beauty and you have both, own what you look like as well as who you are. Definitely do not be ashamed, maybe try writing on your mirror a positive message in lipstick or eyeliner, and read it every time you look in the mirror. You could right something like “I am enough,” Or “I am beautiful”.

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