Its very enduring and I don't feel like I can hold on

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    Ive been having a hard time for as long as I can remember and its getting worse and worse, even when I think things can’t get worse. Its hard for me to fathom and process my thoughts and emotions and it gives me major anxiety attacks. Up till a few months ago I was able to distract myself with activities, but its gotten to the point where I can’t distract myself anymore. And it feels like a constant burden on my shoulders. And the fact that I’ve been feeling this way for the longest of time and been in intensive care for it makes me hopeless and I just don’t feel like I have much to live for. I’m not one to say ‘i wanna die’ or anything but I just want to be relieved. If you are still reading please let me know if you relate to any of this

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    I have had some moments, in which I didn’t want to live anymore. my depression was caused by a lack of attention from my parents and no friends at school. and the best 3 ways to let your emotions out are: writing everything in a diary to express and say whatever you feel like, going to a good therapist that you can talk to about anything, or just going to a place where there are no people, and just scream as loud as possible. it would always help me with my thoughts and emotions.

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    I know how you feel, sometimes anxiety can really make you feel as if you have bricks on your shoulders.You are definitely not hopeless, certain exercises can really reduce your anxiety. Such as if you have a happy place it can really make you feel better to just imagine it, also counting and trying to focus on the numbers, maybe counting backwards, sometimes this distracts you. Another thing which may sound annoying but really helps is to exercise and get enough sleep because it keeps you on a routine and stabilises the way you feel, this really helped me and calmed down my anxiety. When you feel an anxiety attack coming, something that I find helpful is to redirect myself quickly into something that challenges my mind and distracts me, that could mean reading, watching a movie or listening to something that makes you laugh or feel comfortable, or even calling a friend .Your definitely not alone, and often talking about it with someone who understands you or is good at listening, can instantly make you feel better.

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