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    last year, most of my friends left my school. and I had depression and I didn’t want to go to school. I had no friends for like 4 months. but in March, I met 2 of them at the same time. and we had the best time ever together. it was very hard to say goodbye to them from the security line, they would follow me. and we couldn’t stop crying. and after I had to sit in the airport for 5 hours bc of the delay and all that time I couldn’t stop crying. and i really really miss them. even tho i facetime them almost every day, i still wish they were nex to me rn… i never had such good friends in my life

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    Having good friends that you can trust is important, I had good friends too that I had to leave once and I miss them everyday. Im really sorry that you were that sad, the good news is that if you live close you can visit each other.

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    I know, but I just want to see them so bad!!!

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    I’m really happy for u that u were able to find such friends bc honestly they are the best and I totally feel u on how hard it is to not be with them. Try to find a safe space within your comfort zone and talk to people who share the same interest as u… I’m not saying replace them or anything but u van still make new friends. Idk if this helped u but I hope that u are well

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