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    I never had a relationship with my mom but she is making me and my dads life very difficult atm and its impacting me horribly. My mom used to make me go to classes so I can practice her language and I did so throughout my childhood, when others would be playing, I had extra homework, when others had a break form school, I had to go to my classes. I could nearly see my friends outside of school and my mom would be very impulsive on my education. This scarred our relationship and therefore I chose to go live with my dad when they serperated. My mom kept me though, and a few years of court charges and still nothing can be decided. My mom is very manipulative and would stop at nothing to win the case and it is taking a huge toll on my health. I have told these to people of power and yet my mom is able to either convince them otherwise or block them out.

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    I get how you feel, but at the same time, look on the other side. your mom loves you and wants the best for you. and she has her own opinion on things. the best thing to do is to sit down at talk to her (calmly). tell her how you feel and you might compromise on stuff that you weren’t allowed or were limited to do. remember always, your parents want the best for you.

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